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Dee’licious – more than „just“ cakes

Daniela WilflingThe idea of combining the best quality with taste without regret was born on my first trip to the Yukon. The supply of soulfood, slowfood and organic products, in proportion to the number of inhabitants, is considerable. Despite the climatically and geographically difficult conditions of production and procurement, careful attention is paid to how and where the food is produced. An impressive experience, which has influenced me positively in my cooking habits since then. At the end of last year I bought a cake in a jar from a bakery without looking directly at the list of ingredients. With my first bite I tasted only sugar and was then confronted with various e-numbers on the list. Immediately one thing became clear : this can be done better! Especially healthier and simply good. All my recipes have been created after many experiments with love and heart blood by myself. Individually, especially with the certain Dee'licious note, my cakes unite the tried and true with modernity, like in grandmother's time. Conscientous and natural, without additional or artificial aromas, each one of my creations is handmade.


It is a matter of heart for me to prepare beautiful and enjoyable moments with my cakes.