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Honestly, what's in it?

Dee'licious has set itself the task of processing only organic products which have been fairly produced and traded and, if possible, have short production and transport routes. No additives, preservatives or aromas are used!

All cakes (except for gluten-free) and the Kaiserschmarrn are prepared with spelt whole grain flour. I've been cooking with it for quite some time and have had only positive experiences with my guests and their special needs (dietary intolerances, top athletes and their special diet plans).

Spelt has an extremely harmonizing effect on the body, in particular on digestion. The spelt grain also contains silica, as well as minerals, trace elements and vitamins. It is suitable for people who do not tolerate wheat gluten but do not have celiac disease. And, my personal highlight, spelt doesn’t contain as much fast as wheat. Thanks to its high tryptophan content, it lightens moods and is also higher in protein than wheat. Spelt was already highly esteemed by the Egyptians over 8,000 years ago.

Spelt is also particularly suitable for cultivation: it does NOT tolerate ANY artificial fertilizer, is robust and weather-resistant, protected from pests and fungal attack by its husk sheath (thus eliminating the use of pesticides) and also grows in stony soils or layers up to 1,000 a.s.l excellently clear.

The gluten-free cake and Dee’Schmarrn (a kind of thick pancake with raisins, made of buckwheat flour and almond milk, torn apart and caramelized) is made from the finest buckwheat flour. Buckwheat is not a grain but a knotweed plant and therefore free from gluten and wheat lectines. It is free from harmful substances and is much richer in high-quality nutrients and vital substances than commonly used grain varieties. The processing is somewhat more delicate than with other flour varieties and its own taste (nutty) is little known in these latitudes. I love the scent, as it reminds me of the wonderful times of my childhood, and of one of my body foods (Heid'nsterz either in sweet milk coffee or in mushroom soup). It used to be called the poor person’s meal, today it is experiencing a well-earned renaissance. Buckwheat is used in France for crêpes of all kinds (I’ve already thoroughly enjoyed it several times), as well as in Russian and Baltic cuisine.

All the cakes (as well as the Dee'Schmarrn) are lactose-free, because I work with cold-pressed organic oils instead of butter or margarine to avoid hidden additives and at the same time to offer the largest possible selection to lactose-strained cake-lovers. Only in the Kaiserschmarrn, milk and butter cannot be avoided. Psst !: I’m currently working in my experimental kitchen on a vegan version, which will also be delicious. 

All products are sweetened exclusively with fair trade organic raw cane sugar in the smallest possible quantities.

All other ingredients are lovingly selected and obtained from trustworthy producers, if I cannot produce them myself.